Why Heart N Soul House and only for women?

“It was started when I got inspired by a female friend of mine whose house at that time was decorated with many plants and flowers. There were many cushions on the floor and they remind me of the bed time ritual meditation however not in a bed room or a practice room but in the middle of the house where the owner can practice meditation anytime.

I came home and started to move my stuffs to create such area for my soul. It was so pretty and I fell in love with it. Weeks later I had a strong drive to lead a women circle for my Thai friends in this beautiful living room as I always long for a safe female community, even though I had never participated any circles before, it was a success and it really does change my life.”

Around 4 years ago I started to question myself a lot about what went wrong with my life as my health start to go down really bad no matter how much i exercise and the PERFECT diet i had. I learnt later it was stress, living upon expectations, suppressed emotions and lack of self-love. Criticizing myself and living with doubts from time to time, I couldn’t embrace who i was. I could not sleep at all during the night and felt exhausted during the day. I was depleted. 

I was lucky enough to meet a healer who introduced me to spiritual practices like breathing exercise, meditation, nature exploring, journeying and stretching. I started to create a routine for myself but it was really TOUGH. My emotions went up and down and truth started to reveal itself. It took a lot of time, energy and patience to process what i was going through until I found a group of women who were going through the same things with me, I was empowered and felt really fulfilled. At that time I was so happy and realized I will never be alone and in fact I have never ever been alone.

This has brought me here today to sit and be so grateful for my experiences. I knew since that there are so many women out there who are confused, lost and longed for such community. Many are hopefully to know that no matter where they are in their journey, someone still got their backs. As I was confident with my dream to create a space for women to enjoy themselves and be healed, Suwanlee, my friend, loves the idea and it was too her dream to be a part of this sacred meaningful creation. We joint hand immediately without hesitation.

We didn’t start with any business plan nor any direction of this business but with love and passion to offer others the service that we are proud of. It has been a spontaneous growth and the number of repeated clients confirm that we will never stop improving our service to serve the best as we can. 

Heart N Soul House is not just a massage shop nor herbal steam house. It is a sacred healing space. It is a safe warm bird nest for tired fliers who want rest and regain peace in the heart. We serve the service with our motherly spirits where your heart and soul will be rested and well taken cared of.

Looking forward to seeing you all ladies at our house! Sending love to you from our cozy full of life bird nest! 

Panida Thongsui, Heart N Soul House’s owner and manager 🙂 


Booking your session before arrival is a must because we want to make sure the space is always peaceful and quiet and you are well taken care of 🙂

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call us at 064-9595596.

Operating hours 10.00-20.00.


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Panida Thongsui
Suwanlee Jomjak