Welcome to Heart N Soul House. First herbal steam house for women in Chiang Mai!

Heart N Soul Herbal Steam House is a peaceful, warm and welcoming healing space for women to enjoy self-care, boost self-love while receiving healing such as herbal steam bath and different types of massage by experienced therapists.

This space has been created with love and passion by the two ladies friend owner, Panida and Suwanlee, who are passionate about creating a space for women to rest, to be and to enjoy themselves in a safe space where there is peace and full of warm and cozy vibes.

With fresh herbs. New equipment. Clean space. You will enjoy the relaxing time with yourself/ or with your other girl friends+

็Heart N Soul House also a health shop lies many natural products such as rose water, facial scrub, Himalayan salt, teas, organic soy wax candles, essential oils, shampoo, soap, organic make-up, clothes, hand-made items and so on.

Find sometimes for yourself and see you soon at Heart N Soul House, the little gem in Chiang Mai!!


Clean. Quiet. Peaceful. Cozy.

Heart N Soul Shop.

Must book your session before arrival

call us at 064-9595596

Operating hours 10.00-20.00.


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